We are now full!

In just a few short weeks, we have reached full capacity. The artist line up is now updated on the artist page of this website.
Please note that the order of the artist line up does not dictate or relate to the location of space/spot on the boulevard. The committee considers many aspects when determining location of an artist along the boulevard, e.g., accessibility, medium of art, etc. The committee works hard to place artists along the boulevard to create balance, interest, and an appealing flow to visitors. Therefore the timing or order upon which you register does not dictate location. The committee feels that all spaces along the boulevard are excellent and there is no spot that is more appealing than another.

If you do not see your name listed and you have sent in a registration form with payment, a committee member will be contacting you in the near future. You can decide to have your name added to the wait list at that time. Your payment will be returned. Please know that over the past years, we have had very few cancellations and the ones that we get are often very last minute (a few days before the event or even the day before). If you are on the wait list, you will be contacted if and when a spot opens up. It could be very last minute due to the timing of the cancellation.

Thank you very much for your interest and support of our Art on the Boulevard event in beautiful Erieau!