The Artists

Adam & Angie Frazee    Stained Glass, Fired Glass & Jewellery
Audrey Bechard             Children's Accessories
Bill Young                       Custom Woodworking
Bonnie Casey                  Home & Garden
Brenda Doucette            Stained Glass, Wood Signs, Fabric Art
Catherine Gagnon          Hair Accessories & Sewn Items
Cathy McKeever             Acrylic Pour Painting
Cathy Simon                   Fabric Dolls & Bears
Christine Soulliere         Stamped Metal Jewellery
Colleen Buchan              Knitted & Crocheted Goods
Connie Marion               Gourmet Dip & Sauce Mixes
Courtney Leigh              Jewellery
Dan Anstee & Maggie McGregor    Driftwood & Stone Art
Dara & Yvon Robichaud     Mixed Media Art & Epoxy Woodwork
David Fife                      Acrylic Painting
Debbie & Charles Brush   Embroidery & Wood Crafts
Debbie Griffore            Stained Glass
Dennis Charron            Upcycled Clock Art
Diane Smith & Denise Wilkie      Beach Jewellery
Elizabeth Brown           Soy Candles
Francois Grenier & Isabelle Milot     Ceramics
Garnett Gerry              Painting & Sketching
George Saunders        Wood & Corion Carvings
Hanna Rachmel           Pet Accessories
Heather Girard            Pillows and Home Décor
Heather Mallaby         Chainsaw Art - Wood
Henry Verberne           Segment Wood Turning
Jane Cox                       Home Décor
Jane Goodel Pretty      Pebble Art, Beach Glass
Janet Lindsay               Stone Art
Jennifer Mead              Miniature Barn Quilts, Rock Art
Jessica Wyma Galbarith   Mixed Media Art & Photo Art
Joanne Armstrong       Birdhouses & Angels
Joe Murray                   Acrylic Paintings
John Beenackers          Metal Yard Art
Joy Griggs                     Aprons, Bibs, Bags & Dog Wear
Judy Hodgson              Stained Glass
Kandee Lee Peckham  Card Making
Karen Stoner                Reusable Eco Items, Children's Clothes
Kathryn Smythe          Bags & Accessories
Katie Marion               Dog Accessories
Keith Blackwell           Photography
Kelly Flaming              Natural Soaps, Deodorants
Kelly Tagliabracci       Hand Painted Glassware
Kristen Casalena        Children’s Tutus, Bows & Headbands
Kristie Ouellette         Paper Journals & Cards
Krystle Morrell           Handmade Sewn Goods
Kyle Wicks Wildlife    Photography
Kylie Watson              Wood Signs, Resin and Macramé
Laura Hazell                Acrylic Painting
Leah Lenover              Macramé Textile Art
Leo Brenders              Wooden Spoons & Gnomes
Leslie Allen                 Fine Art
Leslie Kistulinic          Beach Glass Work
Leslie Penwill             Stirling Silver Jewellery
Linda Leigh                Pottery, Knitting & Mixed Media
Lindsay Wammes      Soy Wax Candles
Luanne Ribble           Ceramic Coasters
Lucy Rizzetto             Custom Apparel
Lucya Almeida           Jewellery - Copper & Penny
Lynn Dutton               Jewellery
Mandy Protopapas    Printed Canvas & Printed Apparel
Marianna Newkirk     Alcohol Ink Work
Marisa Van Haren       Tole & Decorative Painting
Martina Obersat         Basket Making
Mary Doddy                Beach Glass
Mary Jane Comiskey   Pottery
Michelle Chabot          Wood and Epoxy
Mike Purdy                  Yard & Garden Art
Mona Sullivan              Lamp Work, Glass Bead Jewellery
Nancy Gagnon             Watercolour Painting
Patricia McKenzie        Mushroom Kids - Dolls & Books
Paul Van Ray                Pottery
Paulina Loya                Sterling Silver Jewellery
Penelope Duchesne    Acrylic Painting
Peter Timmermans     Wrought Iron Garden
Randy Smith               Woodworking
Rena & Jane Lugtigheid   All Natural Bath & Body Products
Rick Wilkinson            Candles
Rita Poolman              Quilts
Robert Rota                Blacksmithing & Fly Tying
Rosalynd Stass            Acrylic Painting
Ruth Houtby               Textiles & Baskets
Ryan Demeurichy       Glass Etching
Sandy Percy                Mixed Media Fine Art
Sharon Paraskevopoulas   Metal Art
Sheila Bycraft              Sterling Silver Jewellery
Sherry-Lynne Kirschner   Children's Books & Self Regulation Tools
Sidney Lush                 Handmade Jewellery
Siobhan Preston          Fused Glass
Steve & Nancy Fram   Wood Carving & Mixed Media
Stewart Skiba              Oil Painting
Tami Sabo                    Knitting & Crocheting
Teal Hallam                  Hand Sewn Pet Supplies
Tim O'Brien & Joy Purdy   Natural Soaps, Personal Care, Candles
Tom Fenton                  Oil & Acrylic Painting
Tyson Carr                    Fine Art
Val and Bob West        Photography
Vickie Trickett             Sewing/Resin Boards